July 8, 2016

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10 Fascinating Facts about your Nervous System

May 15, 2018

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Autumn Newsletter

November 1, 2015


Autumn Newsletter Beaumont Street Chiropractic Clinic 



This Autumn, Beaumont Street Chiropractic Clinic is focusing on the importance of the physical, emotional and spiritual connections for optimising health. We also have an interesting video to share with you about laughter. As the famous proverb goes.......laughter really is the best medicine!



 "Take care of your body its the only place you have to live" - Jim Rohn Even if you are feeling fine, remember keeping your regular wellness and check up appointments are intended to provide ongoing support so that you can maintain and achieve your level of health and fitness. These appointments also enable us to detect problems before you become aware of them, so you can have a peace of mind that your body is performing at its very best.





The Connections of Health Connecting our Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health is vitally important for our health and wellbeing. Balancing our physical fitness with our mental fitness, some say you cannot achieve one without the other. Mental fitness & Physical fitness can help steady our nerves, our inner selves, bringing peace of mind so we can successfully ride through the rollercoaster of life's ups and downs. Managing the effects of stress is vital in keeping us happy and healthy.



Luckily our nervous system is designed to do just that and gives us a helping hand. It takes care of us not matter what we are doing. At night when we are sleeping it is making new cells and healing our body. We don't need to think about our lungs breathing or our heart beating or our liver functioning - this all happens without us being consciously aware of it ....all co-ordinated by the nervous system. That is why it is so important to take care of your spine as the protector of the nervous system. At Beaumont Street Chiropractic Clinic we specialise in keeping the spine and body in alignment, by providing specific chiropractic adjustments so that your nervous system can function at its optimum. We also offer advice on relaxation, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle choices designed to reduce stress and improve mental and physical fitness as part of Our Chiropractic Wellness Care.



 The Science behind laughing -

Smiling and laughing can reduce stress, and instantly boost your mood and even immune system! Did you know that you are 30 times more likely to laugh if you're with somebody else than if you're alone? Watch this video for more mind blowing facts about why we laugh. KEEP SMILING AND LAUGHING! :)


How can we achieve that peaceful feeling inside of ourselves when life becomes hectic? One of the best ways is to spend some quiet time walking in nature to re-connect with ourselves. The colours are beautiful at this time of year and just absorbing the visual richness of the scenery and breathing in the fresh air, does wonders for our physical and mental wellbeing. Surround yourself with positive people, then go and watch a comedy to put a smile on your face! Enjoy every moment. Cherish today. Yesterday is but a dream. Tomorrow a vision of hope. Look to this day for it is life.



Vacancy for holiday cover


Beaumont Street Chiropractic Clinic is looking for someone who is professional, enthusiastic and has a passion for health to help us out for a few hours per month to cover holidays. Please send your CV to Elena at  info@oxfordchiropractor.com with a covering letter.





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