July 8, 2016

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10 Fascinating Facts about your Nervous System

May 15, 2018

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Spinal Awareness Week 9th- 14th May

May 9, 2016

Beaumont Street

Chiropractic Clinic 



Celebrate Spinal Awareness Week

9th-14th May 



50% off the First Consultation for all  new patients during the

entire month of May


Chiropractic keeping you connected...move better live better. 




 "You are only as old as your spine is flexible." 
Joseph Pilates


Correct spinal alignment is important for breathing, digestion, brain function and work productivity.



This month here at Beaumont Street Chiropractic Clinic we will be sharing tips on 
MAY-taining a healthy and happy spine.

Tell your friends and family about our amazing offer so they too can celebrate


Please call to reserve your appointment time  
01865 311871




Spinal Awareness Week

9th - 14th May 2016


Its time to keep your spine in line
We want you to feel so very fine.
Our favourite month is Maytinance
With Chiropractic feel agelessness!

Come and join us and feel at your peak,
And help us celebrate Spinal Awareness Week.
Our first consultation has a special price,
We are here to give you our expert advice.

For the month of May we are offering you,
Your friends and family, it is really true,
Don’t delay and reserve your appointment, 
Feel at your best with a chiropractic adjustment! 



The foundation to a healthy spine and nervous system is having great Postural alignment.  Posture is important for breathing, digestion, brain function and work productivity.

Click here for ideas on how to improve and maintain your posture.  


Chiropractic adds LIFE to your YEARS and YEARS to your LIFE! 


Have a Happy May! 

From us all, 

Beaumont Street Chiropractic Clinic







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