July 8, 2016

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May 15, 2018

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Top Tips For Surviving The Christmas Holiday...


Remember to move!
Online shopping, relaxing on the sofa and Christmas card writing can often result in us not moving for a good chunk of time. Staying in the same position for prolonged periods is not good for our spinal health…Try to get up regularly and stretch small and often. Use advert breaks as prompts to move or make going for a short walk part of your holiday daily routine.




Keep hydrated!
Our alcohol intake over the festive period often goes up by a couple of notches…this means we are more likely to become dehydrated. Help to avoid this by having a water bottle with you at all times and starting your day by drinking warm water with lemon. Be aware of early signs that you are dehydrated such as a dull headache, tiredness and dark urine.



Think of your posture!
The holiday season can put us under unusual strain. When doing lots of shopping, sprucing up the house, garden and wrapping presents, try not to let your good posture habits slip. Listen to your body, if you notice any warning signs such as reduced range of motion, stiffness and soreness - think of your posture and change what you’re doing!


Spread out the wrapping!
Being hunched over on the dining room floor wrapping presents for hours on end is not conducive to being subluxation free. Spread your wrapping duties over a few days, or invest in some gift bags which save time, energy and potential back pain!



Know your limits!
Just because its Christmas doesn't mean you have to eat all of the (mince) pies. Your limits should be the same all year round. Allow for some indulgence, but remember everything in moderation!



Stress is a killer!

Stress and anxiety are well known symptoms for the ‘silly season’. Stress has an impact on your physical health as well as your mental health. So look after yourself and your immediate family, ensuring you actually have some time to relax and do what you want to do.



Get adjusted!
Although we are closed from Friday 22nd through to Thursday 4th January. We are open and ready to adjust again on Friday 5th January. For any emergencies over the Christmas period, please email the clinic at info@oxfordchiropractor.com.



Happy Christmas, Healthy Spines!





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