What our patients have said

I first went to visit Annabel when my son, Joshua was 22 months old. From the day he was born, Joshua suffered colic like symptoms and kidney infections and spent every day in obvious discomfort and every night with as little as one hour’s sleep. After almost 2 years of doctor and hospital visits, sometimes painful tests and medication, not to mention one kind of diet after another, I saw an advertisement for a chiropractor. This brought Annabel into my life which, quite simply, changed it.

Our first meeting with Annabel was ‘fact finding’ if you like, establishing Joshua’s history but I was immediately confident in her manner and lovely nature.

Joshua began an intensive period of chiropractic care of 3 times a week for several weeks but after only 5-6 adjustments, Joshua’s symptoms improved by approximately 60 percent. His pain was greatly reduced, and this made him so much more settled at night.

As improvement grew to a point of 100 percent, our sessions became once a month however Joshua is now 6years old and this care is as natural to us as a trip to the dentist, well more so!! In fact, my 13 year old daughter start to attend after I had seen the amazing results with Joshua and I have now have an 11month old daughter who has attended from birth. Annabel’s technique was so gentle that Joshua did not notice he was being adjusted. After so long of seeing Joshua endure painful procedures, this was just wonderful to see. As a mother, I trusted Annabel completely and just cannot recommend her methods, as well as her as a person enough.


After many years of chronic back, neck and shoulder pain, as well as sacroiliac problems, a friend recommended Annabel to me.  Having thought that chiropractic was quite an ‘aggressive’ form of treatment, I’d previously avoided it, focussing on Osteopathy and Physiotherapy instead.  On the basis that neither of these methods was giving me lasting results (or even short term relief), I decided it was worth trying something different, and meeting Annabel has changed things entirely for me.  Firstly, treatment with Annabel couldn’t be any more gentle – to the point where you wonder how she achieves the results she does!  But, she achieves amazing results, and my treatment with Annabel gives me far more relief, for a much longer period of time, than I have achieved through any other treatment or practitioner, since I started recieveing treatment for my back in my teens (I’m now 40!).  She takes time to really get to know you and understand your issues – often reading between the lines to work out the problems, and therefore come up with the solutions.  Although my problems stem from quite ‘entrenched’ issues and require long-term treatment, I’m immeasurably more comfortable on a daily basis, and feel I’m really making progress, whilst knowing that I can see Annabel and she will address situations as and when they come up.  Essentially, I feel Annabel is addressing the ‘cause’ of the problems, rather than constantly trying to ease solely the symptoms.  She is warm, caring and fun – I have never felt in safer hands, and am happy to say that improvements are constant – I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.


I thoroughly recommend Annabel James. I suffered for a long time . . . but went to Annabel who, by gentle work, put it right. My daughter also was helped by Annabel as was her two year old son and we would not allow anyone but the very best near him!


I suffered for a long time with nagging back and neck pain and made an appointment to see Annabel for treatment. Having never seen a chiropractor before I was not sure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised by how gentle and effective the manipulations were. After just a couple of visits I could really feel and see a difference the treatments had made. What I particularly liked about the way Annabel treated me was her holistic approach to my problem. She took a full history and asked questions about my work, home and social activities that all had an impact on my health and wellbeing. I would strongly recommend the services of Annabel James if you are looking for a chiropractor.


I had suffered from back pain since my early twenties. Over the years I had discussed the issue with my GP several times but was not given any constructive advice to follow. For years I believed that there was nothing that I could do, or have done, to help. Sometimes the pain was so severe that I could not sleep: sleep deprivation meant that I sometimes felt unable to cope. Recently the pain had been severe again and I had also been suffering from a continuous stream of viruses. A friend suggested that I go to see a chiropractor and I went for my first session with Annabel with few expectations. She talked me through the aims and methods of a course of chiropracting and for the first time I felt reassured by a practitioner that “pain is not normal” and, perhaps even more importantly she offered a solution in the form of a course of treatment. After my first session I was amazed how differently I felt, the severe pain had gone, and has not returned. I continue to see her on a regular basis and each week we make progress straightening me out quite literally. I believe that I am not unusual, I believe that there are many, many people young, old, male, female struggling to lead active lives while accommodating debilitating back-pain. The overriding thing I have learnt through Annabel’s expertise is that a fuller, better, healthy life is possible if you listen to your body and help it work with you. Don’t live with unnecessary pain, your body is trying to tell you that something is not right. And lastly my advice: go and see Annabel soon and see for yourself how your well-being can be improved.


Annabel has been treating me with her chiropractic skills for approximately two years. I find her treatment helps me a great deal. She seems to find the spots that hurt and treats and / or massages them, so as to relax my body and make me feel that my body is more functional again.
At he end of a session I feel re-invigorated and much more supple. She appears very competent, reliable and cheerful. Her record keeping appears to be good. She is a pleasure to be with.


Annabel was recommended to me by a mutual friend after I had been suffering persistent neck and shoulder pain for a few months. Annabel was very quickly able to identify the area causing me pain and using her chiropractic techniques was able to release the affected areas so that movement became less restricted and pain lessened. Annabel has always been extremely professional and thorough and makes every effort to listen to my catalogue of seemingly unrelated issues and then comes up with a very practical and workable treatment plan. I have gained improved mobility and a reduction in pain in both my neck and shoulder since working with Annabel and she is always willing to let me dictate the frequency of my treatment sessions. I would not hesitate to recommend Annabel ‘s chiropractic treatment to anyone who suffers any kind of restricted movement and associated pain – she is quite simply excellent at what she does!